Tuesday, August 6, 2013

My Thoughts on...The Demon Lovers Boxed Set by Kate Douglas

The Demon Lovers Boxed Set

By Kate Douglas
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After barely surviving a vicious attack, Addie Logan awakens to find two gorgeous men standing over her bedside. Unsure if they are real or a figment of her imagination, she reaches out and unleashes an erotic hunger like none she's ever known. But these men need more from her than just erotic pleasure. They are demon hunters, and the attack on Addie in the park has made her one of them.

Together the three will forge an erotic and loving relationship while tirelessly fighting the demonic threat to humanity.

This boxed set contains the complete Demon Lovers series, as
 serialized in Unbalanced, Unbound, Unmasked, Unleashed, and Undaunted.

Kate Douglas has captivated me in her world of erotic romance with her Wolf Tales series! I have been a fan ever since and this box set has made sure that I stay one! If there was anything negative to say about the series it would be that the stories were short. Its made up for though, since they're all in 1 box set and you don't have to go buy the next book just to continue on with the next book in the series.

Jett & Locan are two demons, turned hunters centuries before they are assigned to their current Anchor Leah. Leah keeps the balance between Jett & Locan, so their baser sides don't take over. She's the one to keep them focused on the enemy, as they're lover and partner in battle. During a surprise attack Leah is gravely injured and separated from them. Before she dies she passes on her gift/curse to Addie, who finds her in the park on the way home one night.  Jett & Locan find Addie and inform her of her new status as their Anchor. They train Addie in her new powers and also show her the fighting skills needed to slay demons.
Addie is the glue that holds Jett & Locan together, with her in their lives they're able to become more as hunters as well as partners. Because of the love Addie shows/gives them, Jett & Locan are able to admit to the feelings they have for one another as well. The battles they face are nothing the Demon Hunters has ever faced before, and with Addie's help the team is able to win where others have failed.
Through the series their relationship is tested, enlightened, and expanded. The Demon Lovers box set gets a 10 out of 10 on my Steamy Scale ;-). Its a must read for fans of the Wolf Tales series as well as any who enjoy paranormal erotica, you will not be disappointed.

I received this book via NetGalley in return for an honest review.  


  1. Meka, thank you so much for your terrific review! I'm so pleased you enjoyed the series--I had a lot of fun writing about the three of them, and it was even more fun when Az joined the group! If you'll recall, Wolf Tales began as an online serial of short stories the same length as the stories that make up the full set of Demon Lovers. While I don't intend to write more for this group, I really enjoy doing the shorter stories as long as I can bundle them into a single title at the end. It's a fun way to explore new characters without the huge time investment in writing a full-length novel. Thank you!!

    1. Thank you so much for reading my review and your amazing feedback! I'm in shock still that you have even responded as you did. The feeling you get when meeting someone famous and they actually talk to you. You stand there with wide eyes and you jaw hanging to the floor. That's what I'm experiencing right now lol ;-)